Looooong weekend

My husband and I recently acquired some really nice, second hand laminate flooring for an amazing price. We decided to install it this weekend. The good news is that we actually have nice oak hardwood under our carpet. We have lived here for over 2 years and had no idea! The not so good news is that taking up carpet is a ton of work. We got 2.5 rooms done and will hopefully finish the 0.5 in the morning. We did take time to walk to the cemetery before getting started on the kitchen this morning. I ran a mile around the cemetery and then we walked home together. We sent our youngest to stay the weekend at his grandparents house while we tore up the house. He had a blast but he certainly had grandparents happiness hangover tonight. It’s very similar to birthday hangover only I think he has more of a sugar high to come down off of than I did from my birthday. I’m hoping a good night of sleep will do us both some good.


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