Still moving forward

I think the inflammation from my gluten binge is working it’s way out of my system. Yesterday my rest heart rate was a little lower and I walked one mile and ran 2. Today it was almost back to normal and I jogged a slow 3 miles. I’m hoping I can get good rest tonight because I’m meeting Mr. B at the lake for a long run. I’m trying to watch my diet more closely after that uncomfortable reminder after my birthday. I did have to practice my deep breathing as I drove through Dairy Queen to get my kids ice cream today. I really wanted some French fries. I am glad I stayed strong but I wish I had grabbed myself a snack on the way out the door so I wasn’t feeling so deprived as I watched the kids down their blizzards and shakes. I do have some of my chocolate coconut milk ice cream left in the freezer. Maybe I’ll give myself a treat while I read my book tonight.

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