My birthday poisoned me

That title might be a bit of an exaggeration. However, I did eat 1.5 pieces of homemade wheat toast at the local cafe at my birthday breakfast with the fam. It was absolutely delicious but I do think the gluten has messed with my system. I can usually tolerate small amounts of gluten. I haven’t had any stomach cramping or unfortunate urges to poop at inconvenient times during my run, which is what happens when I have larger amounts of gluten or small amounts over several days. But, what I have noticed is that my resting heart rate has been elevated, I have three random pimples, and I just haven’t felt great. Having my new Garmin watch has helped me identify some of these more subtle changes. It’s certainly not the end of the world but it does help me feel more motivated to avoid even small amounts. It messes with my training and I don’t like it. I walked a mile and jogged a mile this morning to try to give my body more recovery time. I’m hoping to go for a long run as soon as my resting heart rate returns to it’s normal range.

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