The party’s over

Birthdays are great. The day after the birthday isn’t so great. I have stayed up too late the past two nights so maybe I’m just tired. I think I’ll head to bed with my 6 year old tonight. I did have a great day yesterday though. I got up and ran 2 miles through the cemetery, did some gardening with my youngest, took the whole family on a walk to my favorite local breakfast cafe, finished my current book, got some Allbirds in the mail from my hubby, and ate 2 servings of my homemade chocolate coconut milk ice cream. I really don’t know if I would have changed anything. It was pretty fantastic. Today I just felt like I had happiness hangover. That feeling when you’ve done something spectacular and then you have to go back to regular life. Blah. I did decide not to run this morning because I was just feeling tired. I ran a slow mile after dinner instead. It was the right decision. I’m hoping a little extra sleep perks me back up for tomorrow!

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