Fun change of pace

Yesterday, my resting heart rate was back to normal and I felt ready to push myself again. I did a 2 mile warm up and then half of P90x chest and back. It was hard but not too overwhelming, which is exactly what I was wanting. I feel the workout today but I’m not overly sore at all. I’m attending a fantastic teaching conference in a nearby community this week so today’s run was a little different than usual. One of my older boys had an orthodontist appointment before the conference started for the day so I had to get on the road around 6:45am with him. I always take my lunch to events like this since I generally avoid gluten and dairy for the sake of my digestive system. I barely had time to prep my lunch before getting out the door so my early morning run was out. I did get a chance to run between the end of the conference and picking up our egg share from our local CSA though. I ran 2 miles through the neighborhoods around the CSA drop location. It was a great change of scenery although a little hotter than I would have liked.

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