Fighting something

Sunday night I had a bug bite on my leg swell up and get red/hot. It was beyond my normal overreacting response to mosquitos. Once I realized it was there, I drew a circle around the area of the reaction, applied some Benadryl cream, put an ice pack on it, elevated my leg, and called it a day. It was much better by yesterday morning but I just didn’t feel great all day. It’s likely a combination of factors from my sun burn a few days before, the heat, another transition with my summer, and the bug bite reaction. Either way, I knew I needed to rest. I have a hard time resting. I feel lazy and unproductive. However, I know the importance of listening to my body so I fought the scary feelings and rested most of the day. I did run a slow mile with my daughter early in the morning though, which was really awesome. She has developed her own workout plan for the summer and has been diligently completing it without any reminders for 3 weeks now. She is pretty great. I enjoyed our run together but got a recovery time from my Garmin of 19 hours on a super slow mile. My body is definitely fighting something. This morning my resting heart rate was 68, which is about 15 bpm higher than my average. Another low and slow run for me today. My bug bite looked a little worse after the run today so I’ll continue the Benadryl cream and rest for another day. A battle in strengthening the mind: day 2.

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