The good kind of busy

Whew. It’s been a busy few days! Friday morning I ran 2 miles from my parents’ house to the trail with my husband, which was a nice change of pace. Saturday morning I realized that I should have asked my sister if I could run with her but I was afraid I was too late. I texted her but didn’t hear back after 30 minutes so I decided to run to the store to get my mom eggs for my dad’s standard French toast breakfast. I took a little detour on the trail because it was there. I ran 3 miles total before getting back to my mom’s house. Once I got there, my sister texted me back and said she was running at 8. I decided to join her and we ran 6 miles together. It was hot but totally worth it for the conversation. Today I needed to rest after the long run and traveling so I ran a slower mile from home with my husband. The weather is expected to cool a bit overnight, which would be great. Now all I need is a little rain for my garden!

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