Yin and yang

Yesterday was another off day. My legs were heavy and my heart rate was high. I felt super tired and was relieved when the 2 miles were over. I ran with Mr. B at the end of the school day. Based on how tired I’ve felt lately, Mr. B agreed to run after school today instead of before school like we usually do on Tuesdays. I felt much more rested in our run after school today and we left early enough to get 3 miles in before I had to be back to get my 1st grader off of the bus. The run was completely opposite of yesterday’s run. My heart rate averaged in the upper 140s and my legs felt strong. I will likely only have time for a one mile run after school tomorrow so I’m glad we got a solid run in today. I am hoping I will be well rested for our last early run for the school year on Thursday!

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