Sometimes gifts come in the most unexpected ways. Today I had the privilege of running with a local 8th grade girl that is quite successful in both cross country and track. She had signed up for a half marathon in a couple of weeks and her mom was worried that she hadn’t logged enough long runs. I’ve offered to take her out with me on my long run before so her mom asked if I could do that this weekend. I was so excited! One of my favorite aspects of teaching is sharing my passion for learning and personal growth with my students. This felt like combining two of my favorite things into one great big gift: running and teaching. I love my beautiful route into the country and it was fantastic to be able to share that experience with a runner in the next generation. She handled my slow pace graciously and breezed through the seven miles with considerably more ease than me. I think she is going to nail that half marathon. Also, her mom felt reassured that her a goal for the half marathon is realistic. Overall, the opportunity was an unexpected gift that brought me considerably more joy than I expected.

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