I just want a vacation. Alone on a deserted island with only books and my running shoes. However, this is not likely to happen anytime in my near future. I’ll have to settle for some stretching and meditation in the meantime. I set aside some time for a good stretch earlier this morning. It was pretty great. My running has been pretty therapeutic lately too. I got to run 3 miles Thursday morning with Mr. B before school. We ran through the cemetery since we knew we didn’t want to take the full trip out to the country. His daughter was graduating from college on Thursday night and both of us were feeling worn down from life. He had Friday off to be with family but Ms. A and Mr. Fair Weather were able to run 2 miles after school. It was good to get to reconnect with them. Have I mentioned that Ms. A has taken a new job in a different town for the next school year? Every time we run after school, I feel sad about losing her from the running crew next year. If I think about it too much, I become devastated as I think about what the students will be missing out on next year with her absence. I know she has great things ahead for her though and I wish her all the best. I will definitely have to give myself a few extra running therapy sessions to cope with the loss. I also ran one mile today to give myself more rest. I’m planning on logging a long run tomorrow and I want my legs to be as fresh as possible.

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