The road less traveled


On Sunday, I took a long, slow, therapeutic run out to my happy place. I knew that I was exhausted and overdrawn from taking care of my son while he was sick but I needed to be away from everything for awhile. It was worth the effort.


On Monday, my other teenage son developed a fever and a cough. I didn’t wait to see how this one would turn out. We got a doctor’s appointment immediately and started treatment for pneumonia. He has had fevers off and on for 3 days but the earlier antibiotics seem to be doing their job. I got to run 2 miles with Mr. B after the doctor’s appointment on Monday. Tuesday morning, we ran our favorite 4.5 mile route into the country. I dropped off a quarter mile early to check on my sick boys before school started though. Today, we ran a short 2 mile run while my first grader tagged along on his bike. It’s been a long week so far but I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel of this school year. Here is another picture from Sunday’s funday-runday to remind us of what is good in the world!


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