Unexpected twist

I really expected yesterday to go well for my son. I left in the morning and he was feeling better. He had eaten a great dinner the night before and taken all medicine as assigned without any more fever or vomiting. I went to work and settled into my day. Then, I got the text from my husband that he had puked after taking his antibiotic and that he was shaking but didn’t have a fever. I called for a sub and went home within 20 minutes. By the time I got there, his fever was 101.5. He tried to take the antinausea medicine one more time to see if he could get some ibuprofen into his system but he puked again with the antinausea medicine on his tongue. We just left for the hospital at that point because we knew where it was headed. By the time we got there, his fever was 104.4 and the nurses were moving fast. They brought it down pretty quickly but he was pretty out of it for awhile. This mama bear has a hard time seeing her kiddos sick like that. I feel so helpless. They admitted him for 24 hour observation and IV antibiotics. He is doing much better today. We are hoping he is well enough to tolerate the oral antibiotics now. His dad came to see him after he was admitted yesterday afternoon and I snuck away for a 1 mile run from the hospital. It felt so foreign and yet familiar all at the same time. It was therapeutic for me to get out and burn off some of my anxiety. I’m hoping that I’ll get to run from home later today!

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