Groundhog Day- with a twist

Today, like yesterday, started way too early. I got the call from my sick boy at 2:30am. By the time I got him all doctored up, I couldn’t get back to sleep. I made the most of my morning by making protein bites and got ready to head to school. That’s when things went awry. My poor, sick man-child started vomiting right around the time I usually leave for school. He was absolutely miserable and asked me to stay home. It was too late to get a sub the traditional way so I went into school until a sub could arrive. By the time I got back home, he was hallucinating and his fever was over 103. We spent all day in the ER but they were extraordinaryly helpful. He is feeling much better this evening although still quite ill. I got to sneak in a run with Mr. B while he slept, post-ER visit.  We only went a mile. We’ve both had a long week. The run was just long enough that we didn’t get physically exhausted, however, we probably could have run for another hour or two just to process everything from the past few days. There’s always tomorrow!

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