A pain in the neck!

Literally. I have a major pain in my neck. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder yesterday doing a pull-up at lunch. It’s better today but it was seriously painful trying to hold my head up last night! You don’t realize how much your head weighs until it causes you pain to hold it up. Anyway, yesterday morning, Mr. B and I ran just shy of 4.5 miles out into the country. The highlight of the run was Mr. B recounting his nightmare of piles of old people and him trying to use a wooden phone to call 911. I could hardly breathe because I was laughing so hard. I’m one of those great friends that will find hilarity in your worst fears. We managed to keep a much more reasonable pace for me this week. I guess Mr. B’s post-half marathon pace is right around my training pace. We can’t all be running prodigies. Today I ran one slow mile on the hamster wheel to try to rest my pulled neck muscle. I’m hoping a good night’s sleep will heal if for me.

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