Slowly climbing out of the abyss

I’m impressed with how long I’ve been so sick! I know I’m slowly improving. My heart rate has been inching back toward normal each day and I’m almost able to function for an entire day now. I have managed to run a slow mile each day after school. I’ve been getting a decent amount of heckling from my colleagues for continuing to run. I’ve kept a close eye on my heart rate monitor and kept all of my runs short. Each time I go out, I get to hawk up some impressive snot wads so I will consider it cathartic. I also don’t feel any worse after I run, which is encouraging. Running with Mr. B and Ms. A makes the process much more enjoyable as well. They have endured the hawking quite well! I am looking forward to some extra rest this weekend. I’m not, however, looking forward to getting back into shape once this is over. I hate set backs…

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