Still sick as a dog

Last night, I had a coughing fit that scared my 1st grader. I felt bad but I really couldn’t really help it. I was telling one of my 15 year olds the story and explained that his little brother has never seen me this sick in his lifetime and he said, “I don’t thin I have seen you this sick in my lifetime either.” I really don’t think I’ve been this sick as an adult! Monday, I stayed home from work. Tuesday, I should have stayed home! I was exhausted and grumpy. I took it out on my class that struggles the most to stay focused. I had to bang on my desk to get their attention because I have hardly any voice. Not my proudest teaching moment. I don’t think I inspired anyone to greatness. Monday night, I ran the slowest mile possible on the treadmill. My heart rate still managed to be toward the top of my cardio zone. Impressive. On Tuesday, I ran a painfully slow mile after school with Mr. B. He was very patient with me as I had to slow down to keep my heart rate alarm quiet. My body is an unhappy place. I’m struggling to get good sleep tonight but I’m hopeful for continued improvement!

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