Another good run

The sky was a little more illuminated at 6:20 than I expected this morning.  It helped that I was running late.  I almost forgot to make coffee.  That could have been tragic.  Mr. B and I ran our usual 4.5 mile route out into the country.  The air had a chill but there wasn’t much wind and we still managed to work up a sweat.  My runs with Mr. B tend to be at more of a tempo run pace for me.  I felt great during the run but had a stressful day at school so I felt wiped by the end of the day.  My stress level has been a little high the past week and a half and I have been consuming more food as a result.  I should try to make more time for yoga and meditation.  I also need to come up with some more coping skills for managing stress at work.  Suggestions are welcome!

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