Hamster wheel

I decided to run on the treadmill this morning so I could go to my daughter’s scholastic bowl meet after school. It was cold, dark, and drizzling this morning so the hamster wheel seemed like the best option. I felt like I was cheating on Mr. B and Ms. A though! I ran an easy 3 miles while jamming out to Beyoncé. I don’t listen to anything when I run outside so saving podcasts and music for my indoor runs helps lessen the monotony. I didn’t sleep great last night so the morning run helped energize me for the morning. The afternoon was rough though. We all made it through to the other side so I will count that as a success. I did run a slow 3 miles yesterday afternoon as I had planned. Tomorrow morning Mr. B and I are going to head out into the country for a longer run before school. We will need to dig deep to get out in the cool, damp, and dark morning. Strength in numbers!

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