Guess who’s back, back again

Spring is back. Tell a friend.  The past three days have been rather unpleasant. I ran after school Wednesday with Mr. B but he only wanted to run a mile so he could get back home to his wife, who is recovering from surgery. Mr. Fair Weather decided to brave the chilly weather but still needed to change into running clothes so I did a quick mile with Mr. B and then came back to the school to get Mr. Fair Weather. Ms. A had a sick kiddo so she was out of commission Wednesday and Thursday. Mr. FW and I ran a quicker 2 miles. Yesterday Mr. B and I ran almost 2.5 after school. We are holding off on the early morning runs so he can be at home with his wife as long as possible before he leaves for school. I’m doing I’m stretches this morning and will probably run a couple miles after school because it should be too nice to only run one.

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