Day 797

I have been super tired today.  My first grader had another fever overnight last night- this winter has been the worst for illness around here- and I only got about 6 hours of sleep.  I set out intending to run slow for about 30 minutes but got my estimates wrong for my turn around time and ended up staying out a little longer than I intended.  I really didn’t even feel great for running slow.  I wish I had walked more or just cut my run shorter once I realized I wasn’t feeling great.  I have taken it easy this evening and look forward to an early bedtime.  Dinner was great tonight but I already feel a sense either a bit of hunger or just dissatisfaction.  I do generally feel anxious about returning to work most Sunday nights.  I generally spend less time planning on the weekend than I intended, which makes me feel stressed about Monday morning.  Maybe I will just try to read and go to bed instead of eating.

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