I forgot to post again!  I had a fantastic run out in the country even though I overestimated the temperature.  The sun was shining and the weather app said it felt like 33 outside with a high of 51 so I assumed I would be fine in shorts.  The windchill was certainly below freezing and I was certainly not fine in shorts.  I had red, itchy welts on my legs for a couple of hours after the run but it’s all good now.  I ran my usual 7 mile route and kept my heart rate a little lower than last weekend.  I felt much better for the rest of the day, which was good because we had a busy day.  I also managed to get 5 sets of pull-ups done.  I got my stretches in on Friday night but I always feel like I need to do them again after my long runs.  Maybe I’ll try to squeeze in a mini stretch session today while I read.  My Whole30 is winding down and I’m trying to decide how I want to move forward from it.  My face has been breaking out more than usual and I’ve been super hungry but I’m not sure if those issues are related to stress or my diet.  I might keep  moving forward on the Whole30 as I settle into the term to see if those issues resolve without changing my diet.  I always talk about listening to the water run in the streams on my country runs so I will leave you with a picture from yesterday.  I only wish I could take a video so I could share the beautiful sound as well!


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