Yesterday and the day before yesterday

I think the last two days were the longest I’ve gone without posting!!  Grades from term 2 were due yesterday and I have two classes this term without a curriculum so I have been crazy busy.  I did manage to run a little over a mile Wednesday in the brutal, cold wind with Mr. B after school.  I didn’t enjoy it but it got done.  Yesterday was less breezy but still frightfully cold.  My face hurt.  We ran at sunrise and I was in a grumpy, grumpy mood to start.  I had stayed up late the night before finishing the grading of my finals and I really wasn’t in the mood for an early morning anything.  Mr. B steered me out into the country and it was good for my soul.  By the time we got back, I was ready to face the day with a smile.  We ran 4.5 at my slower pace but it was just what I needed.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend.  A little rest and a lot of sunshine is just what I need.  I will admit that I veered off of my Whole30 last night.  I have been low on available food this week and I’ve been super hungry.  I caved and ate 3 of the kids’ chicken strips last night at dinner.  I am getting back on track today and will keep moving forward!


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