Today we started a new term at school.  It felt really overwhelming to have so much change in one day.  I also haven’t finished grading my finals, which is adding to that overwhelmed feeling.  I had a headache by the end of the school day.  I ran a slow two miles with Mr. B and Ms. A- my husband even joined us for a couple of blocks- but I didn’t enjoy it much.  The weather was lovely and the company was great but I just felt tired and head-achy.  I’m hoping dinner and a warm bath helps.  My diet has been on point today although the schedule this term has my prep in the afternoon.  For the last two terms, I have had my prep in the morning, which is when I would either eat a snack or just eat my lunch early.  By the time lunch time came, my head already hurt and I was super hungry.  I might have to make some adjustments to my eating schedule to make sure that doesn’t become a trend.  Tomorrow we are celebrating Mr. B’s birthday since his actual birthday is February 29th.  I hope I feel better by then!

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