The wind chill was 21 degrees when I left for my run this morning. It was seriously cold. I’m certainly missing the sunshine and warm temps from last weekend. I did enjoy crushing the ice from the puddles though. I love how beautiful the ice looks but I also love crushing it. This actually says a lot about me as a person as most people close to me will recognize.

0226170848-1               0226170849

I’m really enjoying the data I’m getting from my new Garmin. It told me that my recovery from this run would be about 45 hours. I’ll keep that in mind when I go out for my run tomorrow. I did get to stretch yesterday and ran a slow mile as my “rest” day. Tomorrow I’ll probably run 2 miles after school but I’ll try to take it slow. I have gotten 6 sets of pull-ups done so far today too. We are traveling for the rest of today so I’ll try to get 1-2 more sets done when we get home tonight. Also, my eating has been on target for my Whole30. I’ve been catching myself before I pop random crumbs from my kids’ plates in my mouth. A BBQ potato chip got close to sneaking past my awareness earlier but then I caught myself and chucked it down the garbage disposal. I’m almost through week 3 and I feel pretty good, which is what is most important to me!

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