The cherry on top

Today felt like a busy, messy, overwhelming sundae.  My run in the sun with Mr. B was certainly the cherry on top.  We ran 3 miles through the cemetery.  The wind was a little intense but it was a perfect match for the warm temperatures.  I got a new (refurbished) Garmin Forerunner 235 last night and today was it’s first day out on the town.  I really love it so far!  Also, my Whole30 is still going strong.  I felt a little frustrated at dinner because I didn’t plan ahead for myself very well but I got over it fairly quickly.  I’m really looking forward to our early morning run tomorrow.  It should be fairly light out when we set out around 6:15 and it will be above freezing.  Our students have their first round of finals for term 2 tomorrow so it should be a busy day.  Getting my run done before school usually helps me feel more focused throughout the day.  I’ve been awake at night with sick kids the last couple of nights so I’m hoping for a solid night of sleep tonight too.  Here’s to hoping!

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