Day 785

Two weeks from tomorrow will be my 800th day of my streak.  I’m super pumped to reach my 1000th day so day 800 is one step closer to this goal!  Today I ran two miles after school with Mr. B.  I’m not sure how tomorrow’s workout will pan out with my older boys starting track.  They usually babysit my youngest while I run after school on Wednesdays.  I know I will still find a way to get my run done but it won’t be the way it’s been done for the last few months, which always causes me a little anxiety.  In other news, my Whole30 experience has continued successfully.  I’m finding that I’m longing to pop in a tater tot when I make them for the kids or taste the breading that falls off the gluten free, all natural chicken strips.  I’m staying strong but I’m surprised by these longings- especially since I didn’t experience them at all during the first week.  I have felt more hungry over the past couple of days but I think I’m fighting the illness my youngest has had so I’m trying to make wise snack choices while still listening to my body.  I’m finding as I get older that balance is really the key to much of life.

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