The best run in a long time!

I forgot to post yesterday but I ran a quick 2 miles after school with Mr. B and Ms. A. It was great to chat with them and it didn’t even feel like a workout! My eating was on point all day even though I really wanted to have a few bites of the pizza my family ordered in for dinner. I stayed strong! This morning I ran 4.25 miles with Mr. B before school. We ran out into the country and didn’t even need the head lamp. I’m so ready for spring! We took a minute to listen to the creek flowing over the rocks at our turn around point and the sunrise was beautiful. We went to the weight room for some pull-ups and dips after our run and I think I tweaked a muscle between my shoulder blades. My neck has been super stiff and my upper back is sore. I’m bummed to not get all of my sets in today but I’m hoping I feel better tomorrow. My Whole30 has gone well today. There were cookies in our staff meeting after work but I escaped unscathed. Whew. No Valentines candy for me either. I really don’t miss it much at all!

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