Yesterday I ran with Ms. A after school and she wanted to run 2 miles to reach a personal goal for the week. We hadn’t had a chance to run with each other for awhile so I was glad to get the extra time with her. I could tell that I was definitely tired from the week (four out of my five classes yesterday were doing labs) and still recovering from my illness but I’m still glad I ran the extra mile with her. I am going to take my rest day today though because I know my body needs it. I’m also going to set aside time to do my stretches today. I think the weather is supposed to be pretty nice here today though so I might walk a little too. I do want to do a longer run tomorrow though so I’m hoping the good weather continues! To update on my Whole30, yesterday was pretty good! I woke up hungry, which isn’t typical for me. I packed an extra hard boiled egg in my lunch and it was helpful. I did go hang out with friends last night and took a Bulletproof collagen protein bar with me in case I was tempted to have a treat. I don’t think it’s completely Whole30 compliant-it is closer than most bars though. I know none of the ingredients bother me and it served it’s purpose well. I consider it a victory. I didn’t even feel disappointed to pass on the alcohol.

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