Incrementally better!

I really am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with this cold.  This is a huge relief.  My husband shifted his schedule so I could run after school today.  Mr. B and I ran two miles after my work meeting out of town.  The weather shifted during the day today and there was a wicked, cold wind by the time we ran this afternoon.  It really wasn’t pleasant but it’s done!  In other news, day two of my Whole30 has been pretty great.  My work meeting had doughnuts and granola bars that really didn’t even feel tempting to me, which was awesome.  I did quite a bit of meal prep Sunday night so that has been incredibly helpful with having quality food available when I get hungry.  I’m going to try to get another good night of sleep tonight, continue onto day three of this Whole30, and hopefully continue to recover from this horrible cold!

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