Yesterday was nuts. I worked all day, ran a quick mile after school with Mr. B and my husband, got my youngest son off of the bus, dropped him off at home with grandma, and then drove straight to the airport. I wasn’t feeling great during school. I thought maybe I was just excited about the trip because I really couldn’t focus. However, on the sprint through O’hare to make our connection, it became clear that I was just sick. I have been fighting a cold all week and I officially lost that fight yesterday. I’m bummed because I was really looking forward to running my seven miles today on a trail in the foothills. Maybe I will do some light jogging to keep the streak alive and hike the rest. I need to take care of myself so this illness doesn’t become something more serious. This is especially true because of the compounding physical stress of traveling. We got into our hotel last night just after midnight local time, which is after one in central time zone. This morning I woke up just before 6, which is actually considered sleeping in to my body but obviously still just not enough sleep.  On top of that, we couldn’t find any restaurants to drive through last night that meet my typical dietary requirements so we drove through In-and-out. I love that place but it doesn’t love me back. I got a double double, no cheese, protein style but I’m sure it still won’t help my cause. I vow to take it easy on my run today, find nourishing food, take a nap if my body will let me, and go to bed early tonight. I hope my body can work with that!

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