Treadmill to the rescue!

Illinois weather blessed us today with over an inch of rain and temperatures hovering in the upper 30s.  I was very thankful to have the treadmill my sister gave me in my house today!  Since I didn’t have time for my long run on Saturday or Sunday this weekend, I wanted to run seven miles today.  I am really not a fan of treadmill running but I’m even less of a fan of 38 degree rain so I opted for the treadmill.  I have the attention span of a gnat so treadmill running is rough for me.  I often feel like a rat on a hamster wheel.  It takes me about two miles to start pondering how I got into the situation where I am running on a motorized belt.  Today I decided to break up my seven miles into two runs.  My first segment was three miles long.  I had two TED talks lined up via my colleague/running buddy to pass the time, which was awesome.  I hopped back on the treadmill while dinner was in the oven but only had time for two miles.  I decided to do the last two miles later in the evening and I am glad I did!  It feels great to accomplish my seven mile goal today even if it wasn’t in the most optimal of circumstances.  I also made it through my 7 sets of pull-ups today and was even able to max out on my last set, which I haven’t been able to do for the last couple of weeks.  Today felt like a major victory!

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