Questionable decision

Last night we had this awful ice thunderstorm and we got the day off of school because the roads were slick.  My husband got my sister’s treadmill up and running this morning because I assumed it would be to slick to run outside.  He decided to run outside this afternoon and told me it really wasn’t too bad.  I decided to head out once he got home and I ran 3.25 miles through part of town and the cemetery.  I didn’t quite have the same experience as him.  His shoes are significantly newer than mine and more trail specialized so they have more grip by design.  I had several moments where I thought I was going down hard.  It wasn’t my best decision.  I know I had some extra, unnecessary stress because of my lack of traction.  I love getting outdoors and running in the fresh air.  I should have made a different decision today but luckily I’m still in one piece and the streak lives on!  I did enjoy my day off despite the stressful run and have managed to get almost all of my pull-up sets in before dinner.  I even got a meditation and stretch session in this morning, which was awesome.

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