Day 740

Since the start of the new year, I have been consistently running 3 miles or more most days.  I have been sticking close to my heart rate monitor to make sure I don’t push it too hard and have stayed in my aerobic zone for most of my runs other than my weekly tempo run with my colleague. I feel pretty good so far!  I did take some extra time to stretch this morning since my hips were tight yesterday.  Today I ran 3 miles with my husband and my heart rate monitor.  I didn’t break any land speed records but I felt great when I got back.  I do need to look into getting a new pair of shoes soon.  I usually prefer to rotate 3 pairs of shoes regularly to try to keep my feet happy.  My 3rd pair needed removed from the rotation when the padding completely wore out of the heel in the fall and now my minimus style shoe is almost completely worn out as well.  I’m wearing one pair for most of my runs and I know that isn’t ideal.  I’ll have to make getting another shoe into my rotation a priority in the next week or so.  In other news, I have been able to get 4 reps out of my 7 done for my pull-up plan so far today.  I’ll go do another set now while I’m thinking of it!

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