Long run

Today I ran my favorite seven mile route out into the country.  It was rather chilly heading out into the 15 mile per hour wind with an 8 degree wind chill but after some of the temps we’ve had lately it really wasn’t too bad!  There is a dusting of snow on the ground and it was fun to see all of the animal tracks.  I saw deer tracks, raccoon tracks, bunny tracks, and wild turkey tracks.  Only one water crossing actually had running water today.  The rest were frozen.  I did enjoy the sound of the running creek for a minute before continuing my run.  I wore my heart rate monitor, which really helps me not push too hard on the huge hills.  Overall, I averaged about a 12 minute mile pace, which isn’t too bad considering I had to walk about halfway through all 5 huge hills to keep my heart rate in my aerobic zone.  My hips still feel pretty tight even after yesterday’s stretch session so I might take some time to stretch again tomorrow.

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