Back to reality

First of all, yesterday’s “magical fog” kept my boys from flying back from Phoenix.  Huge bummer for me.  Second of all, today we go back to school.  Going back is always so hard after break and I get paid to do this!  I am guessing 90% of my students are going to be even less excited to be there than I am.  Fun times.  Also, this was my first run before sunrise in almost 3 weeks.  I decided to take it easy on myself and just run 1 mile.  I always have to over dress when it’s chilly out just to convince myself to get out the door and for some reason, the dark always exacerbates this situation for me.  I made it out the door despite all of the excuses I was able to generate for myself and then I sweat through the entire mile unnecessarily but at least it’s done!  I’m doing my pull-ups today too and already have two sets done.  Maybe today will surprise me and it will be a great day.

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