Keep moving forward

One of my life goals is life is to keep moving forward.  Sometimes life pushes you back but you just pick yourself up and keep moving forward even if you have some ground to make up.  At the beginning of this streak, running a mile every day felt daunting.  There were some days where the mile felt overwhelming.  I had been running 6-8 mile long runs once a week at the time so the distance wasn’t really the issue but the frequency felt intense.  During my second year of the streak, I made it my goal to make two miles my standard minimum distance.  I give myself a “rest” day once a week where I only run one mile and I cut it back to one mile another day as well if I’m sick or feeling overwhelmed by life.  One mile really feels like no big deal at this point and does seem like a rest.  I can usually get through my rest mile now without breaking much of a sweat.  My goal for this next year is to move toward making my standard minimum distance 3 miles.  I have a goal time for the 5k distance that I have been working toward most of this year.  I’m making solid progress toward that goal time but I’m committed to not increasing my training distance significantly until I meet that goal time.  I love having solid short term and long term goals.  I even have a goal poster in my kitchen to help me remember those goals daily.  I love the idea of reflecting on our goals as we come into a new year even though I don’t make a significant effort to establish resolutions.  My sister wrote a blog post that eloquently articulates how I feel about this topic, which is how I typically feel about her posts.  You can find her at the Leaping Violet.  Today I jogged a slow three miles and just tried to enjoy the experience.  I am also back at the pull-up routine today and have 5 sets left because I forgot to start them until noon!  Overall, I’m ready to keep moving forward in 2017.

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