Two glasses of wine too many

Last night, a few of my friends from high school stopped by since they were home for the holidays.  My husband and I broke open a couple of bottles of Dry Farm Wine, which was fantastic as always, but apparently not what my body needed at the end of a long day.  I went to bed last night with the worst stomach pain.  It was horrible.  My husband said I was groaning in my sleep.  My coworker has gotten me on a Gin Gin kick and I swear those are the only things that got me through my run this morning.  I had plans to meet my other coworker at the Y to run while our boys played in the child care room.  I soaked in a warm bath before heading out the door, which helped some.  I walked my first half mile, jogged a slow mile and a half, and then walked another half mile.  It was my first treadmill workout since our vacation over the summer but it really wasn’t bad.  I think the indoor environment was best for not feeling well and running with a friend made it even more bearable.  We took the kids to the local children’s museum after the gym.  The whole morning was great but really wore me out.  I came home, ate some rice, and took a nap.  I never take naps.  I’m not sure if I’m fighting a stomach bug or if my two glasses of wine last night were just two glasses too many.

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