Busy day, easy run

Today I picked my older boys up from Christmas with their stepmom’s family and drove them to the airport for their trip to Arizona.  We had about 7 hours total of travel time in the car.  Plus we had stops and airport shenanigans on top of that.  It has been a long day!  Luckily, I was able to start the day with a stretch with my legs up the wall with my favorite meditation and a quick one mile run with my husband. My youngest son came along in the stroller.  He is really getting too big for the jogging stroller but he said he wasn’t up for riding his bike and I know better than to push that issue.  I will probably need another stretch session or at least some yoga tomorrow to unfold myself from so many hours spent in the car but my boys were ecstatic about their trip so it was all worth it!

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