Holiday run

Today my family celebrated Christmas because I have a blended family and my older 3 kids will be with their dad tomorrow.  We had a lovely celebration last night.  We have a tradition of giving the kids books and pajamas on Christmas Eve.  Everyone seemed to be excited about their gifts and still enjoy the tradition, which is always reassuring.  This morning also went well and my kids have adjusted well to my shift over the last few years to more healthy and organic snacks in their stockings.  My husband and I decided together several years ago to limit our gifts for the kids to fall into four categories: something to wear, something to read, something you want, and something you need.  It has really helped us stay focused when we shop and we don’t get caught up finding just one more gift.  My older boys are getting the gift of visiting a friend in Arizona next week as something they want and something they need.  They had nothing to open other than their stockings this morning but they are really excited about their trip.  After the morning festivities, my husband and I escaped for a quick two mile run through the cemetery.  He has just recently started running more and I really enjoy getting to go on some of our runs together.  I felt really good throughout the run and am taking my running clothes to my mom and dad’s tonight so I can run there in the morning.  There is a trail through their town that is a great place to run.  I’m hoping to do my long run before sitting down to a big meal with my extended family.  I am feeling ready to conquer that seven mile distance again.  Happy holidays to you and yours!

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