Lovely run

Today was one of those lovely, enjoyable runs that makes me wonder why everyone doesn’t do this everyday.  It was warm again.  I only had one layer on the bottom and two on the top, which turned into one layer on the return trip.  The sun was out and I loved the feeling of it warming me in my head-to-toe black.  I ran out to the country where I usually run on Tuesday mornings with my colleague, which is a little over 4 miles.  I kept the pace slow with my nose breathing.  I spent the entire day today cleaning my classroom and grading so the run really felt like the perfect mid-day break.  I will need to set aside time to stretch tomorrow because I am sore from the yoga and pull-ups this week.  I’m hoping to get to that yoga class again tonight because it was so great on Tuesday.  I will probably do a short run tomorrow, do my stretches on the wall, and call it a rest day.

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