Heat wave!

Illinois weather has no predictability about it.  People try.  Sometimes they succeed but most of the time it seems like only Mother Nature knows what is coming next.  It was 43 degrees out today when I left for my run.  That is almost 50 degrees warmer than it was a few short days ago!  I am certainly not complaining about the warm day though.  The slush was mostly gone off of the roads and I was able to keep my pace slow with some nose breathing, which I have been avoiding lately because I have found that the extreme cold burns my nostrils.  I did try to wear my Garmin and HR monitor today but some days it just doesn’t get past the start-up screen and today was one of those days.  I was thankful to have my nose breathing as a backup option.  I ran to the post office and dropped off our family holiday cards.  I did the same loop as Monday and enjoyed it much more without the snowy roads and harsh wind chills.  I am also doing my pull-ups today and have 3 sets left.  I thought I was supposed to retest my max after last week but because I documented it all in my blog, I was able to retrace my steps, look at the plan again, and realize that I am actually supposed to retest my max after this week.  I also went to my favorite yoga class last night and got rather zen.  That really felt like a break to me.  My favorite teacher was subbing and it was fantastic all around.  She read a little piece on the winter solstice and it really spoke to me.  There was a line in the reading about taking time to honor the darkness because we are made of both the dark and the light.  It was a great reflection for me since I tend to have such a negative outlook on the darkest (AKA coldest) days of the year.  I always like finding small ways to adjust my attitude because those small adjustments tend to have significant impacts on my outlook. I just might need to make it back on Thursday night!

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