Heat wave!

It was a balmy 18 degrees on my run this afternoon!  It was significantly more pleasant than yesterday’s run.  The wind still stung but the windchill was above zero so I was happy.  I did a destination run to the post office to get stamps for our family holiday cards, which will likely arrive late but better late than not at all!  I put on my heart rate monitor today for the first time in a long time because some of my cold weather runs have really wiped me out.  I want to make sure I am adjusting to the added energy output of the snow and colder temps.  I had to slow down at a few points to stay in the aerobic zone and the slushier stretches did tend to shoot up my heart rate, which makes sense.  It was good to get that direct feedback though.  I ran almost 3 miles at an 11 minute pace, which isn’t bad for keeping my heart rate under 145 bpm.  Since I am on break from teaching, I was able to take some time to do my stretch routine this morning and while listening to this meditation.  I had considered doing my 7 mile long run today but realized that my legs felt tired and I can do it any day this week so there is no need to push it.  I sometimes have a hard time getting out of the mental constraints of a 7 day training rotation.  I usually do my longer runs on the weekend because it works with my teaching schedule but I can let that go during break.  It is important to listen to my body to keep my streak healthy.

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