Ice crystals on my eyelashes

This morning was certainly the most cold run yet this season.  I think I’ve said that numerous times lately but this one definitely took the cake.  I wore a pair of running tights, wool knee socks, a pair of fleece jogging pants, and my wind breaker/rain gear pants on top.  Then I had on my Patagonia sweater with built in balaclava, a technical race shirt, with my wind breaker/rain gear jacket over that.  I also wore my winter running hat, another balaclava, and thinsulate gloves.  My eyelashes got ice crystals on them but the rest of me was fairly toasty.  I think the windchill was -10 or so.  If I run at that temperature again soon, I think I will add a layer of thin cotton gloves under my thinsulate gloves and another layer of socks.  My colleague and I ran about two miles through town.  We spent some time in the weight room when we got back from the run.  There were several students in there that seemed entertained by the number of layers we were wearing.  My colleague added to the entertainment by spitting some rhymes with Eminem for the students.  These are the moments that make it all worthwhile!

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