I fink my face is fwozen

I think this morning was the coldest run yet this fall.  I had my headlamp turned on well past the turn around point so that we could see any possible patches of black ice.  I think the windchill was in the teens and the wind was in our faces on the way out.  My colleague and I feel like running warriors battling through cold that intense.  We start slurring our words and making ridiculous jokes that probably don’t even make sense on these long, cold, and dark morning runs.  We did our 4 mile route out into the country, which may or may not have been the best idea today.  My skin was red and cold when we got back even under my 2-3 layers of clothing but my hair was soaked with sweat.  I actually didn’t feel good all morning but lunch and a kombucha seemed to work some magic.  I feel great this afternoon though and very thankful that today’s run is over!

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