Day 710

Yesterday I finally got to run my full 7 miles out into the country.  I has been several weeks since I have been able to do the full 7.  It was a pretty good run overall.  I did see a couple hunters leaving the woods.  I should look into this “muzzle loader” business.  The gun they had in their golf cart looked pretty legitimate.  I also need to get my orange gear.  Maybe I can do that today when I get my daughter her volleyball shoes.  I did see more cars than usual on the dirt roads and I think that might have been because I ran in the afternoon instead of first thing in the morning.  They kicked up a ton of dust and the breeze carried it straight into my eyes more than once.  I also ended my run as it was starting to snow.  This is my second run in the snow so far this season where I haven’t remembered to wear a hat to keep the snow out of my eyes.  Maybe I will remember next time!

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