Holy crow

My colleague texted me at 5am today to suggest we switch our morning run to after school since it was only 5 degrees.  I didn’t need much convincing.  However, by 3pm, it was only 6 degrees with the wind chill!  We left school to do a short 2 mile loop and the wind from the west was painful.  This sweater is seriously the best base layer for days like this.  On our way back, I happened to check the time and realize I had one minute to get back to the school before my son’s bus was scheduled to drop him off.  We were a half mile from the school!  We picked up the pace and cut through the park.  We got to the school as the bus pulled into the lot.  I barely made it to the bus in time to grab my little pumpkin’s hand for that last big step off the bus.  A little more wind chill and  a lot more excitement than I had expected!

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