Cold, dark, and early

Running with my colleague is the only motivation I had to get out of the door this morning.  I’m glad we have set up this routine!  I’m back to using a headlamp and reflective vest for our morning runs before school since the days are getting shorter.  I will celebrate the winter solstice this year as a victory to making it through the shortest day of the year.  I live for sunshine and warmth.  We ran about 4 miles out into the country today with my headlamp illuminating the first 1.5 miles out.  We stopped into the school’s weight lifting room before we left so I could do a set of pull-ups and stopped back in for another set when we got back.  I’ve recommitted to using this plan to increase my pull-up reps.  I’ve had a significant decrease in my max rep pull-ups since I started working full time again and I would like to reverse that trend.  I took a little walk at lunch and did another set of pull-ups then as well.  I have three sets left for the day so I better jump up and get on that!

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