Interesting run

Today I headed out for my long run into the winding hills of the countryside near my house.  My phone died about 2 miles into the run.  There have been too many headlines lately about women getting attacked while running.  I was immediately uncomfortable knowing my phone was dead.  I always carry a pocket knife though so I kept going.  Then, I turned onto my favorite stretch of road about 3 miles into the run and a little SUV pulled over and rolled down it’s window.  Keep in mind this was the 3rd car that had driven past during the whole run so far.  My mind started racing immediately.  It has a tendency to do that, which is why I carry the knife when I run.  The older gentleman waved me over and I cautiously approached his passenger window.  He said, “Don’t let the game warden catch you out here without orange on.”  My relief lasted about a minute before I realized that I could get accidentally shot.  I knew when the first shotgun season for deer hunting started because I had students that took that Friday off of school but I didn’t realize the second season was this weekend.  I thanked him for his friendly warning and promptly turned around to run home.  Six miles will have to do for today!

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