Grumpiness vs. a full and thankful heart

My six year old woke up on the demanding side of the bed this morning.  He didn’t feel like turkey trotting and I didn’t feel like coercing.  I was quite grumpy by the time I hit the road for my slow 2 mile solo run this morning.  I was greeted with a “Happy Thanksgiving!” within a block of my house.  Within two blocks, I heard an “Is that Ms. T?” A student’s parent saw me jogging by and she just wanted me to know how much her daughter appreciated the orange I gave her yesterday at school.  I got the students oranges and gave them a little tag that said, “Orange you glad it’s almost Thanksgiving break? I hope you have a great break!”  I was slightly concerned that the treat wouldn’t seem significant to the high school students since it doesn’t have a shiny wrapper or contain added sugar or coloring.  Some politely declined the orange and a couple apologized to me because they didn’t want my orange.  I thought they were very receptive and kind toward my gesture.  Having that student’s parent stop me this morning to say how impressed her daughter was with the orange turned my grumpiness straight into a full and thankful heart.  My hope is for everyone to have the experience of a full and thankful heart today.

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