Long day

Today I was tired after a long day at work so I made an executive decision to only run 1 mile tonight.  I’m glad I made it out but I’m also glad that I didn’t push it any further.  I will meet my colleague to run first thing in the morning tomorrow so I’m hoping I feel ready to hit it hard by then.  I realized tonight that I’ve never mentioned my secret little mission on my blog.  A handful of people know about it so it really isn’t that secretive but it is a very personal mission for me.  When I am out running every day, I try to pick up 2 pieces of recyclable garbage from the ground.  Some days I pick up more and some days I pick up less.  It is just a little background mission that I have along with my running streak.  I always hope that the world is a better place because I am in it and this is one tangible thing I do to try to live that out.  Tonight’s garbage was an empty Mountain Dew can.  It served as a reminder of how cold my fingers get when I’m carrying garbage in the winter!

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